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Super Single Axles
7 Reasons To Upgrade to Super Singles

1,  Cut maintenance costs.
2.  Stronger brakes for greater stopping power and control 
3.  Longer brake life
4.  Longer Suspension life
5.  Less drag for greater fuel mileage
6.  Tires last longer.
7   You don't sacrifice the benefits of a wide frame.  Super Singles maintain stability and strength without dual wheels

An inexpensive alternative to Aluminum Wheels.
DOT Approved..
Super Single Axles WILL save you money and keep you on the road longer.
What is the Super Single Upgrade Package?
  • Super singles are two 10K Dexter axles that are an upgrade for any Take 3 tri-axle trailer. 

  • The super singles deliver a 20K GVWR with 17.5 steel wheels w/215/75R 17.5 16 ply tires

  • Heavy duty spread axle suspension with rubber bushings

  • Standard option with electric/hydraulic drum brakes
Aluminum Wheels:
DOT Approved.
Available Wheel Options:
Shown with aluminum wheels
Take 3 Super Singles
Standard Steel:
17.5 steel wheels