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Take 3 Soft-Tie System
Take 3 SOFT-TIE  System

Take 3 Soft-Tie System is a safe, secure system that allows you to quickly and easily tie down vehicles of all sizes using our exclusive perforated Soft-Tie Decking.

The Soft-Tie System utilizes a 3-point strap (or Wheel Lashing Assembly) to secure the soft -tie over the tire and hook directly into the Take 3 perforated deck.  This configuration offers an unlimited number of fastening points so you can load any combination of sizes and widths of vehicles.  

Securing the wheels with the wheel lashing allows the  vehicle's suspension to move freely while controlling any  horizontal movement.  This prevents potential  damage to the vehicle.   The Soft-tie System also greatly reduces shock to the trailer and tow vehicle.  You will have a softer ride and less overall stress on the trailer and your truck!
See how easy it is to tie down a safe, secure load with the Soft-Tie System
Most new car
 dealerships require vehicles to be secured with
 Soft-Tie wheel lashings
 to reduce risk of damage
      to the vehicle's 

 available at Take 3 Online 
Take 3 soft tie wheel lashing assembly
Soft-tie Wheel Lashing Assembly