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A.  Dexter is the industry leader and has been building quality axles for over 50 years.  With hundreds of dealers nationwide, they will be there for you when you need replacement parts or just regular maintenance.

Dexter axles are proudly made in the USA.
A. Take 3 does not offer Dual Tandems on our
 "wedge" models due to stability and safety. The use of dual tandems requires a narrow frame (48") which makes a tall, wide load very unstable and unsafe. The load weight should be as close to directly above the suspension as possible to eliminate twisting of the trailer frame. The "Super Single" undercarriage allows this geometry with the load directly above the frame and suspension.

Q. Why doesn't Take 3 offer a dual tandem on their "wedge trailers?
Q.  Why does Take 3 build with Dexter Axles?